Sam Raby
Cartography | Data Viz | Storytelling | Advocacy


      I'm Sam Raby, a Brooklyn-based mapmaker and interactive media developer with five years experience designing web applications for social change. With a background in math and data analysis, I'm a strong believer that justice, advocacy, and storytelling should inform technology, and not the other way around. I work with GIS mapping, information design, oral history, and data journalism to tell complex stories to large audiences, and I am dedicated to bringing a critical perspective into the world of data and technology.

Past Work: Esri Story Maps, Blue Raster, Curbed (Vox Media), 596 Acres
Current:, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Urban Displacement Project


The Inequity of Pay-by-Distance Transit

Vox Media (Curbed)

LA Policy Tools Map

Urban Displacement Project

One Dollar Lots

596 Acres

Housing New York: Local Affordability

Vox Media (Curbed)

AMI and the Affordability Gap

Vox Media (Curbed)

Placing Oral Histories


Relocation Map

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Oakland Community Power

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Living Wage Map

Esri, MIT DUSP, Politico

Katrina +10

Esri, Smithsonian

Income Inequality in American Cities

Esri, Smithsonian

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